Just Slide The Puzzles

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The Just Slide The Puzzles is a funny puzzle, great for children and adults.

The Just Slide The Puzzles is a entertaining puzzle, and it is the best for all.
The game is an educative game for students. It supports many skills of the students.
There are 4 stages and each stage has 10 cartoon pictures, with educational activities.
-> Animals
-> Cars
-> Planes
-> Toys
HOW TO PLAY: Move the bricks and do the picture by swiping one or more, near the black brick to change position of bricks.

Chapter 1: Animals (bird, deer, seal, bear, snake, ladybird, turtle, octopus, chicken, penguin)
Part 2: Cars (buss, car, car, pickup, trains, truck, car and buse, vw mini classic car, sunroof car, subway metro)
Chapter 3: Toys – (balloon, horse-shaped balloon, surprise toy box, house, robot, angel, princess, book, coffee, umbrella)
Chapter 4: Air and Sea Vehicles – (helicopter, airplane, balloon, submarine, jet, glider, transport aircraft, yacht, airship)