Kids Math and Numbers 123

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This mathematics game teaches numbers and addition

This Mathematics game is an Educational App.
The game teaches counting 1 to 20, making the pairings between the number of the objects,writing the numbers to preschool students and elementary school students.
There are 8 different games. The game has Turkish, English,Spanish and Japanese vocalization.
1) Counting 1 to 20 by using animals (a frog, two snails, three woodpeckers, four crabs, five butterflies, six squirrels, seven badgers, eight fishes, nine small fishes, ten bees, eleven ladybugs, twelve gulls, thirteen starfishes, fourteen fishes, fifteen fishes, sixteen dolphins, seventeen fishes, eighteen balloon fishes, nineteen penguins and twenty pelicans)
2) Matching numbers
3) Connecting dots to form a picture
4) Tracing and writing numbers
5) Connecting animals to their counting
6) Find missing numbers and arrange them
7) Grouping animals counting in groups
8) Addition in 1 minute