Mind Games & Frog Jump & Cross River & Hanoi Tower

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The game contains frog Jumping, cross river and Hanoi tower IQ logic games.

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There are three categories.
The game has Turkish, English and Spanish localizations.

*** Frog Jumping Game ***
Help The Frogs on the left to cross to the right side, and vice versa.\

  • Each frog can move forward only.
  • A frog can advance by one step, if the space in front of it is free.
  • A frog can jump over another one.

*** Cross River Game ***
There are eight levels in it.
First level -> A farmer, a wolf, a sheep and grass
Second level -> Two businessmen and two children
Third level -> Three policemen and three thieves
Forth level -> The blue family – father, mother, baby & The red family – father, mother, baby
Fifth level -> A farmer, a boy, a girl, a dog, a duck and a rabbit
Sixth level -> A farmer, two volves, two cows and a sheep
Seventh level -> A father, a mother, a boy, a girl
Eighth level -> A police, a father, a mother, a boy, a girl

An example:
Help them cross the river.

  • Only the farmer is able to operate the boat.
  • The boat can carry a maximum of two passengers.
  • If the farmer is not there, the wolf will eat the sheep and the sheep will eat the grass.

*** Hanoi Tower Game ***
Move all the disks from the leftmost tower to the rightmost tower.
*Move only one disk on top at a time.
*Only a smaller disk may be placed atop a larger disk.